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Video Pack

Google page 1

The video pack on Google page 1 is an opportunity to rank 10 visual images on the first page of Google. Not many people are doing this on a local level so it is quite easy to rank all 10 of our videos on the first page. This gives a visual identity to the page. Your brand dominates the page with these videos.

Keyword Planning

Google  My Business Video Posts

We have managed to rank the Google my business pages on the right hand side of Google page 1 for the business' primary keywords, not just the business name. This gives access to a further 3 video posts that can appear on the page. 

Off page optimisation

Youtube Search

Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world and it is owned by Google, the biggest search engine in the world. In terms of trusted domains Youtube is probably one of the most trusted domains there is. Google will want to rank content from Youtube high on Google. So these are oppotunities to increse visibiliy for your business.

Video Optimisation

Video optimisation helps to rank up to 10 videos about your business and linking to it, in the video pack. The thumbnail images for your videos give your search engine results pages a branded look for your website. When the images are also optimised, and all areas of Google maps and Google my business are exploited this means that there could be a total of 24 visual opportunities, not including the paid ads, on the first page of a Google search. In addition to the thumbnail images, another 8 listings could all be filled with content about your business. Potentially that could mean 32 organic listings on the first page. The video pack may only have a couple of videos in it but if both the image pack and the video pack do both have 10 each in them, plus the Google maps image and the 3 Google my business video posts it really adds up. Google does not always put ten videos in the videos pack sometimes it only puts 2, but it isn't about how many videos are in the video pack it's whether they are all about your business and linking to it, and if none of the videos are about your competitors businesses then the SERPs pages can be said to feature your branding. Images, are very powerful in forming a brand and give your business an identity that you wouldn't have if you don't follow this strategy. The difference in having a branded SERPs full of unique content about you and sharing the results page with 9 other businesses is enormous. Our monthly package is £50 per month for 6 months, that surely has to be the best value for money ever. However, our priority package can be completed within a month and Google catching up shortly after, you could be dominating the results and getting more vistors, enquiries and clients or customersmuch quicker and reaping the benefits

Not optimising video, is missing out on having a branded SERPs page which could be a powerful weapon in your local search marketing

Video SEO

Video Marketing

Of all the marketing tools available to small businesses, video has to have the potential to be the most powerful, this is because 2 of Google's tenets of optimisation are met immiediately. Having a video on your website captures the visitor's attention in a way that text and images can not. Google rewarding websites where people engage with the content means that using video on your website cannot be ignored. The second tenet of Google's optimisation instructions are that Google rewards content that are on trusted domains. Google owns Youtube and it is actually the world's second biggest search engine after Google itself. There are other sites where you could place your video that are also trusted domains. These include Facebook and vimeo.

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, if your own website ranks highly for your keywords, that also will be considered a trusted domain in that niche. We can write code on your website that helps Google understand that you have a video and what it is about. So that leaves us with the other two of Google's suggestions, that the content needs to be high quality and keyword specific. That's what we do with your video content to help it become what Google wants it to be to be able to rank it on the first page of Google, as well as ranking high on youtube  too. Google will reward your website when people engage with it, and video has been shown to be consistamtly succesful in getting your visitors to stay on your website and then click around other parts of your website. Having enough text for them to read is also important. One of the most common errors that come up in the audits that we do, show that many web pages are marked down in these results because they have a very low text to html ratio. Yes, it is annoying that having written all the code that Google wants so that it can understand what your website is all about and where to rank it, that then means that we needeven more text to reach the minimum 25% text to html ratio. So please prepare yourselves, we may be asking you on numerous occasions to supply more text in short paragraphs with headings that are actual keywords that people would be searching for. Having these headings not only helps Google to lead more people to your page but also allows visitors to speed read through your pages concentrating on the parts they are interested in. The other mistake that I see all too often is that website owners and even so called SEO experts optimise their website for silly and meaningless phrases that people would never search for and expect to find a business like yours. I've seen pages optimised for the words services and testimonials and I've seen people optimise pages for a phrase 3 sentences long. I have heard of long tail keywords but that is ridiculous. Our package ensure that the only phrases that we would place where Google expects to see keywords are actual keywords that people would use to find a business that sells products and se services like yours.

Types of video

There are several ways of adding video to your website, the first way is to have a professional video comissioned for your website. It will look great and indeed professional but unless you have a massive budget you will not achieve the things that we can achieve.  You may not want to have the same video content on every page of your website, so your video would only fill one space in the video pack. It would be cost prohibitive to have a different video produced professionally to fill every space for video on the first page of Google. The second type of video is to film it yourself. Most smart phones have excellent video technology built into them. You can video your business in action. Investing in some type of holder like an iographer or equivalent can fix some of the problems that you may have with phone video. For example, placing the phone in the holder can stop the video from shaking or jumping and you can place the holder on a tripod. You can also add lenses and High definition microphones. Feature length movies have been made for the cinema, this way, but there is some investment required to reach the quality of cinema release. Using this method, you can position yourself as an expert and talk abouta specific subject relating to your business. You can answer frequently answered questions. This can be relatively inexpensive, once you have bought the phone, once you have recorded the video we can optimise it, so that Google and Youtube know exactly what it is about and where to rank it. There is certainly a lot power in appearing on your website yourself. This can add a credibility to your website that can really help converting enquirers into sales.

The third type of video is the animated text and image videos that we produce as part of your comprehensive SEO package. The 10 videos are included in the package. The reason why we include 10 is that on the first page of the search results video usually shows up in the video pack. This video pack includes 10 videos that Google, and Youtube think are the best videos relating to the keywords. In actual fact it means the videos that are optimised better than the others. In most niches we end up ranking all ten videos in the video pack. If your Google my business page is properly optimised it will show up on the right hand side of the SERPS page as well. That service is included in the package as well. This means that we are also able to add three video posts to that Google my business page.

Add those three videos to the  ten videos we can potentially rank in the Video pack, As we will have already optimised the images on your website, and other places on the internet. This adds another 5 images to the page. If your GMB page is showing up on the right hand side, then there could be a total of 19 images ranking on the first page of Google as well as 8 other listings which could include your website, your social media content and your directory content pages. It is possible that  every space on the page, up to 27 listings could be content that you own that is about your business and linking to it. That's what we aim for but we guarantee to get more listings about your business than all of your competitors put together. Most of your competitors will no longer be on the first page, they could be hidden away on page 2, and hardly anyone looks down there. Optimising video for Google and youtube could include any combination of professionally made videos, if you already have them made, your own mobile phone videos, either expert videos or genereal communication videos, or the animated text and image videos that we can create. Our video optimisation package includes creating  and optimising a youtube channel, creating and optimising a playlist, giving more power to your videos, in addition to optimising the actual videos. Remember, that when video is optimised not only can you communicate with your visitors better and they engage with your website more, you get high quality content on a youtube, a trusted domain, 10 times in the video pack giving a visual look to the search engine results page that really represents your business and the look that it gives is a branded look for your business. So you don't have to be an expert in creating videos, you should be able to create some expert videos with your phone and we can optimise them for you, and we will create some of the animated text and image videos like the ones that you see on these website pages. When optimised correctly these videos should rank in the video pack and the GMB video posts on the right hand side. They should also rank on youtube as well, all of this will bring in visitors as well as make it easier for those visitors to engage with the website. The longer that the visitors stay on your website, reading text and playing videos, the more Google will reward your website. If your competitors don't have as much text to read or  videos to play, and if they end up dropping off the first page where they are viewed by even less people their websites will be going down and as more people view and engage with your website, yours will be going up in the rankings. It's a cumulative effect but you will see the results.

Comprehensive search engine optimisation package

The video optimisation package is included in our full advanced SEO package, so creating up to 10 animated text and images videos and optimising 10 videos altogether, which could include videos you have already created as well as the videos we have created for you. Optimising your youtube channel, and playlist is inluded too.

This is in addition to 5 keyword focussed pages on your website, the images on your website and other image sites.

It is also in addition to optimising content on your social media and directory sites. The aim would be to create a branded SERPs page that gives a visual look of your business because the thumbnail images and video thumbnail images  will appear in the video pack. We aim for around 27 listings on the first page about and pointing to your website, but we guarantee that there will be more listings about your business ranking on page 1 than all your local competitors put together. Too many SEOs think about 10 listings on page one and they somehoe think that your business is only allowed one. The thing is that we are not talking about ranking 27 pieces of content that all come from your domain. Google would never allow that. They do however, encourage you create high quality content on trusted domains, in the subject of your niche and that attract engagement from your visitors. Any SEO package that does not deal with all of these issues will be worthless if someone else in your niche uses this method. You could end up on the second page of Google wilderness, with little to no visitors and even less customers. If we were ever to have gaps in the number of clients we have, we will spend the time creating websites in niches that we feel are wide open. That is niches where no one is using these techniques, so we can quickly build a website and the associate content on trusted domains and these will be available for sale. So if we do end up locking you out of your niche, you can buy the entire project and immediately dominate the niche. the first stage is to order a free, no obligation report on your current Search engine optimisation staus, and the staus of the major competitor in your niche. We will then see what you and what your competitors are doing right and what you and they are not doing. We will have a clear idea of what can be achieved and will be able to make guarantees to you based on what we think can be achieved . For instance if no one in your niche is optimising video, that we can be sure that we can get all of the videos in the video pack to be yours. If no one has created a high quality content page on a directory site  or a social media page, then we can guarantee that yours would rank on page 1, it would easily outrank the directory pages that have many businesses on. It benefits nobody when these pages rank. Finally, we identify who has created properly optimised keyword focussed pages on their website and who has optimised pages for meaning less words like services. Only advanced and fully comprehensive SEO services will achieve the results that I am talking about. Only following exactly what Google has asked for for will benefit your business, if your business has no visibility it also has no customers. we can make your business the most visible in your niche and that will mean the most successful too. After your free no obligation report and the guarantees we will be able to make to your business, it only costs £275 for our priority service and £50 per month for our monthly service. £12.50 per week is affordable for any business especially an ambitious one. You can always do a RankGen audit for yourself for your own website, for your competitors, for SEO professionals or even for us. Rankgen is currently experiencing problems testing the performance section of web pages and those areas come up as errors, they are working on a fix for this so you need to refer to the other sections that do not give out errors. You are looking for how many A+ readings in the non performance section that a website is getting. Hopefully, very soon the  audit tool will be fixed and the audit will relect all sections and As and A plusses will automatically appear in the results again. We still think ranggen is the best tool for thos other sections. We also use a different tool to measure performance and the loading times of websites. We are able to fix issues that come up from  these results so that the pages load faster, so we are covering all issues that were being covered by rankgen, and will be again when their errors are fixed. If you study your competitors like this it is very interesting to see what errors they are making. It is also interesting to see the audits of SEO professionals  to see which schoolboy or schoolgirl errors they are making. Are they ranking content on social media and directories as well as their websites, are they ranking with their websites at all. Are they ranking with optimised images and videos. Do they have a branded SERPs page for their local niche. If they are not doing these things they cannot seriously call themselves experts in search engine optimisation. The good thing is you don't have to do these audits, we can audit your entire local niche, including your competitors and any professional digital marketing expert and report on the results, so you don't need to take the time to do it. These reports are free and these are what we base any guarantees we make to you, before we start work on a project for you

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