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The main  problems with website promotion are firstly that it can be very expensive to have a website built for you that will not only look the part but also automatically bring in visitors from Google and other search engines. The biggest of these issues is that most web designers don't understand search engine optimisation, even if they think they do. You may find that you have paid upwards of £700 and your website still sits on page 2 or lower. Some businesses report that finding an accountable digital marketer and making sure they actually achieve what they have promised to do is pretty near impossible. Another problem that we have found is that it always seems to take so long for Google to catch up. Even if you have optimised a website to perfection, it could be many months before you see real results. All this time your competitors are taking those spaces on the search engine results page. As well as actual SEO, Google are actually taking notice of the number of clicks you get from the search engine results page and how much those visitors engage with your website. So for all these months that you are not on the first page it is your competitors that are benefiting, making it very difficult for your website to appear on Google page 1, once Google catch up. If only there was another way.

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There is actually another way and it does not involve building or optimising a website at all. Google encourage us to build content on trusted domains, not just on your own website. It says that it wants to rank high quality content on trusted domains, that is keyword specific and that people engage with. So our strategy is to build content on the most trusted domains that is optimised so that each piece of content is designed and therefore has the potential to rank on page 1 for your local keywords. The fact that these domains are already trusted by Google means that this content is more likely to rank on these domains than an individual business website in the same niche. The other thing that people don't understand is that if you really believe that you can optimise a website, you will be seeing consistant results and that if you really can optimise a website properly, you can optimise any piece of content that you can create on the world wide web. This will confuse most people as you don't have access on these domains to areas of coding that appear on websites. But we have proved that you don't need to. It is exciting to watch as each piece of content that we create starts to appear on page 1, because every time it happens there is the possibility of knocking a competitor's website off the first page where it will be difficult to be found. Google does not want to rank a brand new domain at the top of the search results and that is why it takes time for Google to catch up. It does not feel like that about trusted domains. It will usually update the ranking of these websites when high quality content is posted in roughly 3 days. When we follow our content building strategy on these trusted domains, we consistanly see content appear on the first page in a matter of days. and within a couple of weeks, we can replace our competitors' websites and dominate the first page. The way Google now does the Image pack and the video pack, Google my business and Google maps listings. It is actually possible to rank 24 visual listings on the first page of the Google search results for a local search term, these results  pages become more important than an actual website. This is because the search engine results page can contain everything you would place on your website. Images and videos give a branded look for your business, articles that explain your products and services and calls to action and contact information all appear on the results page even if your website does not. Done properly, this page has few or even no distracting information about your competitors and this SERPs page  becomes more important than your actual website.  So even after the first few days, your content will be getting the attention your business needs, and increasing Google's opinion of these pages, making it more difficult for your competitors to compete.

The death of the business website?

Does this mean that the business website is dead? No, not at alll, It will still be seen as impressive if your business website is the top ranking website in your niche. It will still be worth having information about your products and service on your website and interesting articles to keep visitors coming back to your website. The difference is that using our no website required strategy means that you can be in front of your chosen type of visitor within days, with multiple pieces of content and lots of visual content too. You can then use the money that you have made from being seen more, getting more visitors and getting more sales to get an grade A optimisation for your website and the links from these trusted domains will also be boosting your website too, helping it to get to number one. The theory being that one high quality link from the same niche gives much more of a boost than thousands of low quality links from different niches.

SEO Niche audit

Our first step is to complete an analysis of your local niche. We will want to find out who is currently ranking for your primary keywords. Who is doing SEO well, in your niche and who isn't. we will want to see who is using content built on trusted domains and is successfully appearing on page 1 using this strategy. We will get a really good idea of what can be achieved in your niche. For a limited period thia competitor analysis report is completely free. From this we will know what guarantees we can make for you.

We will then build 30+ pieces of content that are designed to appear on Google page 1 for your primary keyword. This includes images and videos to give the search engine results page a branded look for your business. We will then create content on other trusted domains and this content will also be designed to appear on page 1. Imagine if we knocked off all or most of your competitors websites. Our price of £150 for 30 pieces of content represents just £5 per asset. Our guarantee is that more listings will rank on the first page than all of your competitors put together but we have been known to remove all content from competitors from the search engine results page.

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Dominate Google

Take a look at the screenshot of the search engine results page for this business. Please note that I was not signed in to Google, so these were not personalised results. You will notice that there are thumbnail images, and video images which give this search engine results page a branded look for this business. There are no no competitors websites ranking on the page. You will also notice that my website does not appear yet either but if you search Barrhead SEO now, you should find it ranks number one. This image though represents that it takes longer for a real business website to rank on these pages and in the meantime our no website required package can be filling up the SERPs page, so that your competitors will not be benefitting from the months when your actual website is not ranking.

I've never seen an SEO company demonstrate results like these but it is what we can achieve easily.

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