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Barrhead SEO

Local search

There are powerful benefits to seeing your website as a local business rather than a national business.

Firstly, linking your website to a Google maps, or Google my business listing gives a powerful boost, that if you do want to compete on a national level, you do not want to be without. Google my business is one of those trusted domains that if you build high quality content that is keyword specific and people engage with, the boost that  you get  from Google is enormous. Google loves it when the addresses on a website, all match up. the more of these citations you get the more Google will love your website. So, this is the main reason that we only work with local businesses. Trying to rank nationally for a highly competitive keyword, without this local boost is futile,

The second reason that we only work with local businesses is that most local businesses have not optimised their website. My understanding of the word optimise is that it means to make the most effective use of something. While most businesses are not getting grade A for their  SEO from Rankgen, while most are making silly keyword mistakes by optimising words like  welcome, services and testimonial and of those that are optimising their main page not many are using the 5 quality interlinking content page strategy. This strategy ensures that each page has a primary keyword and several secondary pages. This means that you start with 20 high quality links into your website.

We often find that it is quite easy to rank number 1 in local niches using this strategy.

We start by doing a full analysis of your local niche. We will not only know how your website is optimised but how the major competitors are optimising their web pages. This analysis is free and there is no obligtion to use our services and all guarantees for your niche are made after this report has been produced.

National SEO

National SEO

Some people think that if they sell their products and services nationally that they do not need to optimise their website for local keywords, or using an address. This is not recommended as you will be competing with national companies with huge budgets. It would be very difficult to compete like this.

International SEO

International SEO

Trying to compete on an international level is equally futile. The competitors will be bigger with bigger budgets and you still will not have any boost from Google my business, Google Maps or citations of your address. You will benefit from our local optimisation package but you may want to add other unique local content pages afterwards

Local SEO

Local SEO

Optimising on a local level from the start however, gives a huge boost to your SEO. Google my business, Google maps and local citations will be a pwerful addition to your marketing. The competition for a local keyword is much less and in most cases we can be confident to not only rank your business but also to enable you to dominate the niche. A local business will need nothing else after you order this package.

Local Search Marketing

Search engine results pages

We believe that the search engine results pages for your local niche are what the Americans call real estate, it is like land but on the internet. As a business you want to be claiming that land. You can claim more than just your actual website, you can claim your social media pages, your directory pages and any page where you can create content. If you create content in the way that Googe has asked it to be created you will be able to rank any content that you create and therefore rank multiple pieces of content on the first page. When you create content on what Google calls trusted domains, you are much more likely to rank that content because Google already sees that domain as a trusted domain. With directories, you may have seen multiple business directory pages rank on page 1 for all kinds of different keywords, what you may not realise is that if you optimise the content on these pages, Google will like it better than the multiple directory page and will rank  the content page about the business and linking to it instead of the multi business directory page.

If you do this for multiple directories and multiple social media properties, you will begin to see multiple pieces of unique content ranking on page one. If you can also optimise the images and videos that are about this same business then the SERPs page begins to show a branded look for this business. You may have seen the image pack on the SERPs page and the video pack. The video pack can include up to 10 different videos about your business, the image pack can also have up to 10 images. Branding is very important but nobody else is talking about branding Search engine results pages but that is exactly what we can do.

Branded Serps

Take a look at the image on the right hand side of this page, below this sextion of text. It is a screenshot of the search engine results page for Barrhead SEO that I took when I began to design and build this website. I had originally built a full campaign for Barrhead SEO including a website. Unfortunately following a heart attack I had to stop doing this business. Two years later I have returned and need to build this new website. When I searched for Barrhead SEO, without being signed into a Google account. I was amazed to find that all of the content that I had created on trusted domains was still ranking on page one. You will see 5 pieces of content built on social media sites, 3 pieces of content built on directory sites. Notice that these are not multiple business directory pages but they are the actual content pages that I created on those sites. You will also notice that there are 2 videos on this SERPs page and 4 of 5 images in the image pack are showing in the screenshot. Do you see how the thumbnail images for the videos and in the image pack are all related to this business and give this SERPS page a branded look for this business. searchers who have been to our website before will recognise our business from the images that appear on the page. On this particular SERPs page, there are no other competitors. However, when I first started there were 10 different businesses offering SEO services in the Barrhead area, and no images, no videos, no social media pages and no directory pages. Once I had created all of this content, each and every one of those websites was no longer appearing on page one. It's true to say that Barrhead is a very small town, but it did have 10 self proclaimed experts in the SEO field ranking on page one. It currently has only one business. This one.

Watch this space to see where this business will rank with this new website.

Some search engine optimisation experts do talk about branded SERPs, but they are talking about something completely different. They are talking about a different results page altogether, they refer to the first page of results for your business name, for your brand, Now, Google know who you are, they know your business name. You'd think that it would not be possible for another business to rank on page 1 for your business name. It happens all too often though. If you have not done a comprehensive SEO Package you may not have created enough content pages to even fill the first page for your own business name. I for one believe that the SERPs page for your own business name is your page, it belongs to you, but without creating the content you may find that there are other businesses taking the attention from your business. As I say the search engine results page for your business name is not what I mean when Isay branded SERPS. I am talking about giving the search results for your primary keywords a branded look for your business and creating content on trusted domains that ranks on that results page and makes your competitors didappear. In fact our comprehensive package can improve the search results pages for your business name, your primary keyword for your business, the primary keywords on each of the other keyword centred pages on your website and about 8 secondary keywords on each of the 5 optimised pages that we work on, on your website. This could as many as 46 different SERPs pages for all the different things that your visitor could actually be searching for. I never see any SEO professionals using keywords properly, in facr rhet optimise for really stupid keywords that people would never search for. I often see keywords that are made up of 2 whole sentences. Now, I know Google likes what they call longtail keywords as opposed to single words but optimising for a whole sentence is futile. Internal linking is something that also helps your website rank in Google search results. Even if experts optimise the main or homepage often they don't optimise the other pages at all.

If your home page is optimised but your other pagesare not, then the number of high quality links going to your entire website is zero.

If you optimised one other page, then the number of high quality links going to your website is one from each page to the other one.

Here's where it starts getting good. If you optimised 2 other pages you will have 2 high quality links going to each of the 3 pages, that is 6 high quality internal links coming in to your entire website. Tell me when the penny drops. If you optimise for 3 other pages you will have 3 high quality links coming in to each of the 4 pages, or a total of 12 internal links. The package includes 5 pages and this is why. This produces 20 high quality internal links. Now for most local websites this will be enough to outrank your competitors websites.However, we will know as soon as we do the initial research on your niche, whether there are websites with more content pages that this and we will know at the very beginning whether this will be a one off solution or whether you need to create further content pages to create with competitors who have done that. I had had people say no, I only want a one page website, but our strategy has been created for a reason. the power of internal linking gives a powerful boost to your SEO. When combined with building content on trusted domains that ranks on the same results page as the website, and dominates Google, it is a very successful strategy. and well worth the £275 for the priority package and the £50 monthly package spread over 6 months is affordable for any business as it works out at just £12.50 per week. Even spending hours and hours learning how to do this yourself is more expensive, in time anyway than just asking us to do it. Most local businesses are not doing this and that is why we are ranking as many pieces of content as we have. Remember that if you are not the business in your niche that does this first, it could be your business that ends up on page 2, Unless you have a huge offline presence for your business that brings in lots of new customers, the end of your digital business could mean the end of your business. We only work with one business in each localniche, that is for each local keyword phrase. So if someone in your niche does this first, it could be the end for your business. We firmly believe that we can not just improve your search visibility but make it so that you totally dominate the search results for your niche. Each of these properties that we build content on. If Google ever decides in the future that they don't like this way of doing things they are not going to deindex sites like Youtube, facebook, Twitter or the bigger directories. Even after my heart attack and had to lose the first website I built in this niche, I still had every listing on the first page even without a website. See the image below, even though there is no website it is still a branded SERP with the images and videos giving a branded look for my business and at that moment in time no competitors were ranking on page 1, only my content on trusted domains. Your business can dominate the search results like this for a very small amount of money. Contact us to discuss this and do a competitors analysis report to see the current state of your SEO and the current state of your competitors' SEO we will then be able to see what is possible and make you some guarantees.

Local Business

It is our aim that very small businesses that use our comprehensive search engine optimisation service will have a huge advantage over huge corporate multi nationals selling the same products and services. We want to work with small local businesses with more ambition than ready cash. Here are some examples:

  • Painters and Decorators Renfrew
  • Hairdressers Paisley
  • Gardeners Newcastle
  • Wedding DJs Carlisle
  • Caterers Preston
  • Butchers Blackpool
  • Massage Therapists Liverpool
  • Nail Salons Sheffield
  • Toy Shops Nottingham
  • Chauffeurs Prestwick
  • Comic books Birmingham
  • Pet shops Doncaster
  • Wedding Photograhers Lincoln
  • Cake Makers Ipswich
  • Children's Entertainer Norwich
  • Cupcakes Peterborough
  • Golf Coach chelmsford
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides Basildon
  • Ice Cream Parlour Southend
  • Jewellery Designer Kent
  • Outdoor adventures Croydon
  • Personal Trainer Portsmouth
  • Carpet Cleaner Brighton
  • Craft Classes Cardiff

Take a look at the screenshot on the right hand side, this is the screenshot for the SERPs page for the local keyword "Barrhead SEO" Before I started there were 10 different SEO experts appearing on page 1. Granted, Barrhead in Scotland is a small town but the 10 businesses ranking on page 1 were all self proclaimed experts in the SEO field. Not only did my original website outrank all of these experts but the social media and directory content that I ranked on page 1 is still ranking and no other business has content on page 1. You will also notice that the thumbnail video images and the image pack are all images connected with this business. This search engine results page can be said to have a branded look for this business. The original website was lost due to my heart attack but now I am back, let's see how long it takes for the website to rank on this SERPs page too.

This is the highest aim of what we are trying to achieve, in your niche, but we guarantee that you will dominate your niche, that is more listings than all your competitors put together.

Just imagine that we achieved this for your business, in your local niche. Imagine if we ranked content on your social media, directory, image and video content on page 1, every time we did that, one of your competitors dropped off the first page. Imagine, if all your competitors dropped to page 2, what would that be worth to your business.

Would it be worth £275? Priority package

Would it be worth £50 per month for 6 months Monthly package

Would it be worth £12.50 per week

We are accepting only a limited amount of clients.

Barrhead SEO

The First Page of Google

Every one wants to be on the first page of Google. When someone puts the most relevent search terms into Google, all businesses want to appear on page one. Old school SEO companies talk about getting you on to the first page. This is because their understanding of SEO is all about the business' website and not about building content. If you were only going to optimise the content on your website then indeed you would not be able to make any guarantees for your work. However, if you understand that if you know how to optimise a website, you already know how to optimise content on Social Media, on directories and on other trusted domains. Google wants you to create content on other trusted domains. Building content on a trusted domain means that the content has a head start to rank on Google. When that content ranks on Google page one for the same keywords as the website the boost that Google gives your website is better than a thousand poor quality links. This makes it very easy to rank multiple pieces of unique high quality content on trusted domains and totally take over the niche. Other Search engine optimisation specialists are not able to do this  because their focus is only on the website. Our focus is to build you a branded search engine results page, with your optimised images and videos appearing on your search page so that it has a branded look for your business. From as little as £12.50 per week (paid monthly) we can achieve this for any business. It does not matter how small your businesss is  It fact, the smaller the business the better, as our techniques favour a small local business. Google wants to feature content that is about the things that people are searching for. Some SEOs don't help Google to do that when they optimise pages for words like services, welcome or testimonials. What a waste of time and energy. Every word placed where Google expects a keyword to be will be an actual keyword that people would be looking for when they are wanting to find a business like yours. Google finds it easy to understand that when someone searches for your business name, that it is your business that they are looking for. When they search for a business like yours it is much more difficult for them. We have to make it easier for them by optimising our websites the way they have asked for us to do it.  The same goes for other content, as well, any content that you can create on the internet can also be optimised there it can also rank on page one two. That then is an interesting question you can ask any company who wants to do your search engine optimisation. Will you be optimising only my website or will you also optimise my  Facebook page my directory pages and other content I may have on the internet. Either they will say sure and give you a quote or you will totally confuse them. If they are confused they will never be able to create a branded SERPs page. Using our Advanced SEO service can fill the spaces on Google page one in your niche, with content about your business and linking to it. So that your business dominates the Google search results. You are being offered the chance to remove your competitors from the first page, for a very small amount of money. Will you take that opportunity?

Barrhead SEO

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