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Richard Collins began his journey into SEO, after leaving university in 2010.

He had actually completed a BA (Honours) degree in Popular Music at University Campus in Barnsley, part of the university of Huddersfield. 

Now you may not believe that a degree in pop music could lead to an extensive knowledge of SEO. Well it did. Richard had been the first singing telegram performer in the UK many years ago and had developed the idea of the tribute song where he writes hilarious songs all about the people he is surprising. Their loved ones provide all the funny stories and he writes the song all about them. Following his time in University, he realised that he could actually put the songs on full band production audio CD and laminated photo lyric sheet. He returned to the singing telegram business knowing that he was offering something very special indeed.

He created a website and began to learn everything he could about improving search rankings. He received training from serious SEOs mostly in America. This was at the time that Google was tightening up on some dodgy practices. So Richard was only learning about how Google wanted SEO to be done, and not following any of the unscrupulous practices that some SEOs had been using. Some experts started talking about creating content on other trusted domains as well as your website. He learned that the secret to effective SEO is about creating content, high quality content, that is about a particular niche subject and that people engage with. Some experts taught that ranking your Facebook page was possible if you followed the same methods of content creation. Another expert talked about creating high quality content on directory sites. Not just thinking about the directory itself that would have add a number of businesses on it, but he was taught that the actually content page for a business had the potential to rank on page 1 for the same primary keywords. The fact that this could be achieved with multiple directories meant that it was indeed possible to gain almost all listings on the first page. In fact, he has achieved total ownership of the first page with every place taken by content about 1 business and linking to it. This is not ranking with different pages from the same website but anywhere that allowed him to create content. He then had to work ot which sites were the best, the most trusted and how to build content that ranks on these domains.

Next came the image and video packs, which feature up to 10 images and videos on the first page. Using the same methods he found he could consistantly achieve every image and every video on the first page. The exciting part was when he realised that this gives the business a branded look for the business. The actual search engine results pages were branded with the look of the business. 

Richard set up several singing telegram businesses in London, Scotland and another one for the rest of England. Since he began he has seen 6 singagram businesses go out of business. He has not always achieved every listing on the first page but Domination, which can be described as more appearances on page one than all the competirors put together.

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Free Website Audit

The first thing that we do when you order our comprehensive SEO Package is to research your market. What we are wanting to know is what is your current level of SEO, how well has it been done, where are you ranking at the moment, We will also find out who is ranking highest in your niche. How good is their SEO, what are they doing well and what are they doing badly.

We are also wanting to know if anybody is ranking content on other domains. After all, if you really know how to optimise your own website, surely you would be able to optimise any content that you can create on the internet. So it can be very interesting to see who is actually creating optimised content on trusted domains. From there we will be able to see the potential of where we can rank in the search engine results page for your local niche.

When I started to build this website, and I was researching the competitors in this niche. I had already built content on trusted domains so that I had 10 images optimised so that they appeared on Google page 1. Two videos were ranking on the first page and all of these videos were giving a branded look for this business. I had also managed to rank content on page 1 for this niche on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and several directories. I had built a website but after having a heart attack and being unwell for about 2 years, I decided to rebuild the website and test my strategy again. Now Google likes to rank real websites on page 1 not just the content page on the other domains. While I was building the content on this website, Google ranked 2 competitor websites on the first page. Lower down this page, you will see the reports about these two websites. It will be very interesting to see how well they were optimised and as at the time of writing, i was obviously not ranking the website, could I even achieve my goal to get this website to number one. Not only would I have to beat the competitor websites but also the trusted domain web content too

Advanced SEO Barrhead 

Competitor Reports

The first competitor website that I analysed was the one for Soapbox digital. Hopefully by the time you read this Rank gen will not be having the problems they are having with the performance section and you should be able to get an overall reading from them but I will have to do it a slightly different way. This business attained 12 out of 15 possible A grades for their SEO. This is not bad but it would not have got them an A grade if every thing had been working. The 3 areas were they had made mistakes were that they had a broken link, Rank Gen did not like the way the wrote the title tag and they had missing alt tags

Another thing that I like to look for when I analyse a website is what keywords are actually being optimised. I am very often surprised at what terms people optimise websites for and remember this website is one that claims to be experts in this area.

The website is optimised for a term. " Soapbox Digital Media: Web Design Glasgow Paisley. The problem is that Google should already know their business name and in a perfect world should rank a business number one for it's own business name. The title itself is quite a longtail keyword but would anyone search all of that and expect to find a website like this.

Another phrase that they have optimised their website for is:

Kickstart your site: This is a meaningless phrase unrelated to SEO or even web design

Web Design Glasgow Studio: is slightly better as it refers to web design that they actually do but it is about the only one.

The real school person error is that one of the phrases they have optimised this web page for is "Our Work"

Finally, the word SEO is listed as a third level keyword which is very difficult to understand.

Now, at the time of writing, I have published this website and already I outrank this company in just 3 weeks. Interestingly, they have 3250 backlinks and all I have are the links from the content i have created that already ranks on the first page. These backlinks could be low quality backlinks that are not on trusted domains in the same niche, but if these methods outrank other websites, a  simple backlink count is achieving nothing.  They have 53 Facebook likes and 1 Pinterest pin.

Competitor Website 2

The other website that has ranked on the first page in this niche while I have been building this website is the Promote Agency

This website is is very badly optimised considering it is owned by self proclaimed experts in this field.

They have 8 A+ grades out of 15, There is no other content in the niche that is ranking that has been built on trusted domains like social media, directories or images and videos.

I discovered a bad practice that Google hates, on this website. There are content pages that are the same for different locations,
the only difference is the name of the town or city. This practice can get their website deindexed

They have 231 backlinks, again they maybe good or bad links but as I am already outranking them it is not really an issue. 

This page will be updated in the next few days as I continue to work on the website, Can I get it to rank at the top? Outranking content on some of the most trusted domains on the internet. Watch this space

One month update

It is now a full month since I registered the domain name for advancedseobarrhead.co.uk. In the the month that followed I have built the website, written all the extra text that Google requires, written all the code that Google wants, and created the videos that appear on this page. I have also created content on various trusted domains and optimised the images and videos too.

Many SEOs will tell you that it can take up to 18 months to rank a website on the first page of the Google search results. Well I say that they only say that because they don't really understand what the word optimise means. It means to make the most effective use of something. Waiting 18 months to just appear on the first page of Google search results is not making the most effective use of search engine optimisation. You have seen the image on the left hand side above, that is a screenshot of the search results before I came back to this business after my heart attack. There was no website for this business but all the content that I built on trusted domains was still ranking. I felt that for credibility I needed to actually rank a real company website and I set about doing that. After exactly one month I have achieved that. This business is currently ranked number one for the search term Barrhead SEO. You may need to read the page on this website about local search to understand why I need this. You will see from the new screenshot below that the website is ranked at number one, and on the right hand side you will see that the Google my business visual listing is showing up. Now, notice that this is showing for the targetted keywords, not the business name. It's easy to get the GMB listing to show in the search results for the business name, it is much more difficult to get it to appear for the primary local keywords but that is what I aimed to do using this strategy and that is what I have achieved. You will also notice that there are two videos videos showing in that area too. You can also scroll right and find a third video as well. See how visual this search engine results page is. There is an image in the GMB area on the right, there are two thumbnail images in the video posts that show up on the right, three if you include the video post you can scroll right to view. You will also notice 4 images showing on the first page  naturally and another six images ranking in the image pack that are accessable by scrolling right. This is what we mean by a branded look for your business. This SERPs page is branded for my business and I can achieve this for your business too. So there are 7 images related to this business appearing naturally on the page but there are also another seven images ranking on the first page in the image pack and GMB video posts. In this particular results page there is no video pack. I may be able to change that but at the moment it is the Youtube channel that is ranking at number three on the page. The twitter profile for this business is ranked at number 2, There are 2 Facebook posts ranking on the page, two content pages on directories and a pinterest link all for this business. There are other content pages that could still end up ranking on page 1 and these could still knock off the one remaining other business from these results. Don't forget that way back when I first started and created the original website, there were 10 different businesses appearing on the first page. They have all gone now, you might find them on page 2 or 3 but they are no longer on page one. I knew that this strategy works and I know that this will work when we do it for your business too. Get in touch so we can get started. No other search engine optimisation specialists can demonstrate search results like these. Many are using SEO techniques that Google no longer approve of. We have outranked SEO businesses that have thousands of of backlinks but we have proved that Google now prefers better quality sites on trusted domains and that links from the same results pages, the exact same niche carry much more weight than thousands of poor quality links. In case you are interested we got 15 out of 15 of the A+ grades that Rankgen can currently audit and you can compare that with the results of the two competitors above. Google is not currently recognising any backlinks to this business and yet it ranks us number one, We can assume that Google rates very high quality on page SEO, that is consistant and structured more that it rates backlinks that are not from trusted domains where the content actually ranks on the first page for the same niche. Let us help you achieve this.

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