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Website SEO

Website SEO

We guarantee an A grade for the search engine optimisation on your website on all of 5 different pages.

Too many SEOs only optimise the home page of a website completely missing out on the people searching for other keywords that are relevant to your business.

Keyword Planning

Keyword planning

We optimise 5 pages of your website for a primary keyword and several secondary keywords. This means that your entire website will be set up to attract people who are searching for a local business like yours. Too often professional SEOs end up optimising your website for terms like "Services", "Welcome" or "testimonials". No one will ever type those search terms in Google, expecting to find a business like yours. We only optimise the pages of your website for search keywords that prople are actually looking for.

Off page optimisation

Search engine optimisation

Our advanced local Search engine optimisation strategy will create  search engine results pages that are branded for your business. This means that there will be images and thumbnail videos ranking on the first page, the actual search engine results pages will have a branded look for your business. We will rank social media and directory content on the SERPs pages, as well as your website, and whats more every time we rank a piece of content on the first page, one of your competitors will drop off the first page. The result will be total domination of your local niche. Imagine if somebody searched for a particular search term in your local area and only content about your business and linking to it, came up on first page. It could be content on your Facebook page, Twitter profile, the actual content pages on directories, not multiple business directory pages. If optimised properly all types of content on trusted domains could be ranking on the first page of Google for the same keywords as your website. In fact every time that happens, one of your competitors websites will drop of the first page. Imagine if we really could make some or all of your competitors disapear from the first page of Google. If most or all of the content appearing on page 1 for your primary keywords was about your business and linked to your website. If it was all  unique high  quality content on some of the biggest websites in the world, the boost from these websites should be much more powerful than thousands of poor quality backlinks In most cases your website would rank at number 1 and all of the other pages of content should rank on page 1 too.

Off page optimisation

We optimise your social media, images, videos and directory content so that it has the potential to rank on page 1 of Google for your local search results. Each time we succeed in this one of your competitors will fall off the first page. The truth is that if you really know how to optimise websites you can use the same principles to optimise any piece of content that you can create and edit. You do not have to own the domain. If you create high quality content on one of these trusted domains, and it is keyword specific and people engage with it, you get a head start on ranking on the same pages as your website. The more of these trusted domains you can rank for the less of your competitors will be ranking on page one.

Advanced SEO Strategy

You may notice that other SEOs will talk about getting you on to the first page of Google but they won't make any guarantees. We talk about getting your business to dominate the Google search results for over 30 actual terms that people would type into a search engine. This is designed to bring real people to different pages on your website who are looking to buy your products and services. We guarantee that you will dominate your local search results for your niche. By that we mean that there will be more listings on the first page for your niche, that are about and linking to your business, than all of your competitors put together. Sometimes we manage to push all of your competitors off the first page. They do say the best place to hide something is page 2 of Google. We don't make any guarantees blindly, only after we have analysed your local niche, we will see if anybody has used these techniques to rank their website, or the actual content pages on these trusted domains on page 1. If all we can see are the multiple business directory pages then we will be confident of ranking actual content pages from these types of websites. just because we don't have access to the coding of a piece of web content does not mean we can't use these techniques to rank this type of content on page 1. We can rank any type of high quality content on these trusted domains and these will take up valuable space on their SERPs page. We believe that the SERPs pages for your business name and for your Primary local keywords belong to you, and we will do all we can to occupy as many of those spaces as we can. We like to guarantee that there will be more listings about your business than all of your competitors put together, although we aim to make all of your competitors disappear to the second page. No one is offering this and that is why we find it so easy. We are based in Barrhead, Scotland but will work for any local business anywhere in the world. This method is labour intensive and we can only take on a limited number of clients at a time. So we suggest getting in early by ordering a free, no obligation report on your niche, to see the current SEO of your website and the competing websites, at the present time. Only then can we understand the niche in order to dominate it.

Website Design

Unless you require a website with some fancy function on it, we don't recommend paying a web designer to design your website for you. If you require a website that showcases your business and attracts the people who are looking for that kind of product or service. The best way to do that is to do that for yourself. Seriously, In terms of web design the templates that are available in web hosting packages are superb. They provide everything that you need for this kind of website. What they do not do is optimise your website for Google. So we recommend, instead of paying a web designer £700 to £1000, build it using a template  that looks great and then ask us to optimise it.

The problem is that there are Do it yourself webhosts that do not allow access to the areas that we would need to fully optimise your website. There are some that do not include an SSL certificate, that is a green padlock that tells your visitor that it is safe to enter information into your contact forms. You could end uppaying huge costs to get a vertificate when some include them free. We recommend One.com as it includes everything that we need included in the price. If you sign up to One.com by the folowing link you can get started for just £6.88 for a full year

Join One.com Web hosting

Improve your local search ranking - guaranteed

We start with a detailed analysis of your website. We will tell you what grade Rank Gen have given each page of your website, no matter what grade your web pages start at we will guarantee you an A grade for 5 different pages. We will tell you which keywords or phrases that you have actually optimised your pages for. You may well be surprised. We often find that people have accidentally optimised their pages for words like "Welcome" "Services" or "testimonials". Believe me, no one will find your business by searching for those terms. Unfortunately, these are errors that are still being made, even  by professional SEOs

Take a look at the screenshot on the right hand side, this is the screenshot for the SERPs page for the local keyword "Barrhead SEO" Before I started there were 10 different SEO experts appearing on page 1. Granted, Barrhead in Scotland is a small town but the 10 businesses ranking on page 1 were all self proclaimed experts in the SEO field. Not only did my original website outrank all of these experts but the social media and directory content that I ranked on page 1 is still ranking and no other business has content on page 1. You will also notice that the thumbnail video images and the image pack are all images connected with this business. This search engine results page can be said to have a branded look for this business. The original website was lost due to my heart attack but now I am back, let's see how long it takes for the website to rank on this SERPs page too.

This is the highest aim of what we are trying to achieve, in your niche, but we guarantee that you will dominate your niche, that is more listings than all your competitors put together.

Just imagine that we achieved this for your business, in your local niche. Imagine if we ranked content on your social media, directory, image and video content on page 1, every time we did that, one of your competitors dropped off the first page. Imagine, if all your competitors dropped to page 2, what would that be worth to your business.

Would it be worth £275? Priority package

Would it be worth £50 per month for 6 months Monthly package

Would it be worth £12.50 per week

We are accepting only a limited amount of clients.

Barrhead SEO

Backlinking Strategy

One question that you should always ask a potential Search engine optimiser, is what is your backlinking strategy?

This is because Google used to believe that the more links that connect to a website the better it is but SEOs found that this was very easy to manipulate. If they put links onto poor quality websites, that were not trusted domains, that had nothing to do with the website that they were linking to, or websites that had duplicate content on it, it used to be that it was very easy, and very quick to build hundreds of thousands of links and this enabled them to rank at number one for any niche. Some people even found software to do this automatically, often building links from the same website over and over again. Today Google sees building backlinks in a very different way. Today, Google says they will reward links that come from high quality pages that are keyword specific, on trusted domains and that people engage with.

In fact it is true to say that building backlinks is dead, building content is much more important and that is what we do. Because we build content on websites that Google already trusts, part of the job of building high quality links is already done. We have to build content that Google will see as high quality, is keyword specific and that people engage with.

The clever part is that building content like this on a trusted domain is likely to rank for the major keywords, the ones that the website itself is trying to rank for. If Google finds that the content is ranking for the same keyword, that becomes even more of a trusted domain. We do not use software to create poor quality rewordings of other content. All content that we create is unique and will not be considered as duplicate content. Our backlinking strategy is also part of the strategy to build content that will rank on page one. Google would not want to rank content on the same domain in all spots on the first page, but is happy to rank content on trusted domains that is about the same business and linking to it.

Using this strategy, we have been successful in outranking websites with a huge amount of poor quality backlinks.        We have also seen websites who use the strategy of building fast poor quality links disappear from the rankings, once they discover that they have been using this method. We have never seen the content creation method receive any penalty from Google whats so ever. Just do a local search for SEO in your local area, you will see who is ranking and who isn't. You will also see which of these businesses is ranking content on other trusted domains in the same search results.

If no one is achieving this, it is because they do not know how to do it. We know how to do it and when we do achieve these kind of results each time we do, one of your competitors drop off the first page. So if we do that on multiple trusted websites, maybe all your competitors could also disappear.


Our Guarantees:

All of the guarantees we make are made on an individual basis and only after we have conducted a website audit and a competitor analysis report. We will be able to discover your current SEO grade from Rank Gen. We will be able to see what keywords your website is actually optimised for and after doing some keyword research we will work out the best primary and secondary keywords to optimise your website for.

Your competitor analysis report will show us who is ranking in your local niche. We will be able to see how well they have optimised their website, and which keywords they have actually optimised their website for. This will give us a very good idea of what can be achieved in your local niche. We will be able to make guarantees once we have seen  what is happening in your  local  niche.

We can guarantee that after we have optimised your website you will have a grade A from rankgen, no matter what grade your site started out with. We may well ask you to provide more text and on specific subjects relating to your business. This way we will be able to fully optimise your website for 5 keyword focussed pages and each page willhave 5 secondary keywords. This means that there will be 30+ opportunities to rank on page 1 for different keywords.

Having achieved an A grade for all 5 keyword focussed pages, we will then create optimised content on trusted domains that will each have the potential to rank on page 1 for the same keywords as the website.

Optimising images and video wil fill the image and video packs on the 1st page of Google for the primary keywords. This will produce a branded SERPs page showing your images. We will optimise the Google my business page to produce images and videos on the first page too. The Americans call the space on a SERPS page real estate, it's like land and just like the land races in American history, this is a land race for internet real estate that we need to fill with our own content.

Each time we rank thic kind of content on page 1 we push a local competitor's website on to page 2.

Ask for a Free, no obligation analysis of your website and the competitors in your local niche.

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Barrhead SEO

Some of our Successes

Businesss                         Primary Keywords            position           rankings      

Singagrams London      Singagrams London                    1               5 on own domain, 5 videos, GMB, 3 on third party websites,                                                                                                         no current competitors

Singing Telegrams         Singing Telegrams                       1              3 on own domain, 6 content pages on 3rd party sites, 1 multiple directory

Scotland                           Scotland                                                        no competitors

Real Singing

Telegrams UK                 Singing telegrams UK                 1               3 on own domain, 4 content pages on 3rd party sites, 2 multiple directory

                                                                                                                   7 videos, no current competitors

Barrhead SEO                Barrhead SEO                       coming soon  8 actual content pages on 3rd party sites, 0 multiple directory,

2 videos,

                                                                                                                   5 images, no competitor websites

This strategy has been developed by constantly learning from the market leaders, mostly in America. By combining all of the different strategies from all the leading experts, we have created a unique strategy that is getting results. it has taken 10 years to learn all of the techniques that Google loves and discarding all of the techniques that Google hates. Most of the information is available freely, but as I say learning the techniques by trial and error costs a lot in your own time. Ordering a package from us means we can get started on doing the work very quickly, and get your business to dominate your own search engine results pages. Ordering the priority package for £275 means we can get your work finshed witthin 7-14 days. We only accept one new client per week for that package, so you may be added to a waiting list. Ordering the monthly package for £50 per month spreads the payment and the work over 6 months. We added this because since the covid crisis, there are many businesses who don't have £275 to hand. We are committed to making it easy for even one person  businesses to compete against big corporate businesses for Google visibility. That is why we added the monthly package. If you think that £12.50 per week is too expensive and will not bring in more in sales of your product of service than if you didn't go ahead. Then you may not even have a viable business. This is the time to make a difference to the profitabilty of your business. Also don't forget that we only work for one business in each local niche. This means that your local niche could be overtaken by one of our clients. If that happens it will be your business that ends up on page 2,

Just tell us the url of your business, and the main local keyword for your business. This is made up of your local area plus what your business sells for example, widgets Glasgow. We don't optimise national or international business unless they use a local strategy first as you will be missing out on powerful local search boost. The initial reort on your website ans the leading players in your niche is free and no obligation and all guarantees we make are based on this report and individual for you. Please note that while we can do everything needed to optimise your website, we don't write new content for your website. It is highly likely that our tests will suggest that you add more text to your web page. We will make make suggestions on where to add more text and on what subjects. Then we will continue to optimise your site, when we have received the extra text. This may effect the finsihing time of your project. We want nothing more than to be responsible for getting your website to number one, and getting your content on other trusted domains on to the first page of Google on the same Search engine results pages, and for optimising your images and videos so that they appear in the image pack and video pack on the same results page. This gives that results page a branded look for your business. We want to do that for you. Mostly because if we can do that for small one person websites, and stop huge corporate businesses from dominating Google, that would make us very happy indeed. Ask for  a niche report now. It's free

Contact Us

If you are considering using another professional SEO service just send us their business name and their URL and we will be happy to do a niche report on them. Where are they ranking? What grade have rankgen given them? what keywords have they optimised their website for? are there any school boy/girl errors. Are they really the experts they say they are. The information provided by rankgen is independent and publically viewable so you can trust their information and we are well within our rights to make it public if they are claiming to be experts in SEO. We don't charge for analysing SEO professionals, and if they are getting great results, you are very welcome to go with them, but we suspect many are working on SEO information that is very much out of date. At  least you'll know how an independent company grades their work.

No website Required

One interesting thing that we have discovered is that it is actually quite easy to dominate the search results for a local niche without actually owning a website. So we have decided to offer our off page optimisation package for a limited period for just £150.

This includes properly optimised content built on trusted domains that all has the potential to rank on page one of Google.

  • Optimised Google my business / Google maps listing

so that your business appears on the right hand side of the search results for your local Keywords

  • At least 10 pieces of content on social media and directory sites.

Each one can rank on page one for your local keywords

  • This includes 10 optimised images
  • 10 optimised videos created
  • An optimised Youtube channel
  • An optimised Youtube playlist
  • Plus 3 video posts on GMB

This will give you a branded look for your business, to the search results for your local keywords

Potentially 33 places to appear on page one

Everytime we are successful one of your competitors drops off the first page.

Work completed in 1 week, effects should show up on Google search results a week after completion.

All for £150, No website required. You can always ask us to work on your website afterwards.

Some will say that if every piece of content that ranks on the first page of the search results for your local niche, if every one links to your website and has your contact details on it, what does it matter if your actual website ranks on page one. Others will say that it will look more credible if your business website ranks number one. Either way, you don't have to wait for Google to catch up and rank your website, which could take months. Google is already aware of thes trusted domains and checking their websites for new content, so it can take days rather than months. This could be the end of SEO as we know it, if businesses find that they don't actually need a website to be successful online. they just need a branded seearch engine results page full of images relating to your business and full of content created on trusted domains that is about your business and people are able to contact you through them. It can cost £700 to £1000 for a website built by a professional web designer when this package costs just £150.

Remember we will carry out work on any local niche, anywhere in the world not just in


So whether you choose the full comprehensive optimisation package for £275

The monthly package spread out over 6 months for £50 per month

or the off page trusted domain package for £150

This is the most comprehensive and best value SEO work you have ever seen and is guaranteed to change the online fortunes of your business.

*Currently, RankGen's SEO audit is experiencing issues at the moment. It cannot seem to process data relating to the performance section and is giving an F rating to every website it assesses for performance issues. We have been given access to the tool that normally feeds into RankGen's Audit, so we can take the steps that would be taken to get an A or A+ for an overall SEO grade. So for the moment when we say an A grade or higher, we can still achieve that for all relevent sections and know that the work on the performance section has been done, as part of our work. There are a couple of exceptions 1) Domain length and 2) On other pages other than the main page the site map and robots files will not normally show up but as long as they are there on the main page, we know that is fine. RankGen are working on the issue with the performance section, when fixed it will be easier just to see your actual grade for the whole web page.

Barrhead SEO

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